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SUBJECT AREA Engineering
CREATED ON 20th October 2017
COMPLETED ON 27th October 2017
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Installation of solar PV Panels at the roof floor of the building

B‐1 ‐ Literature review suggested word count: 1000 words   (20% of the Individual Coursework B; 15% of module total)   A short literature review of your ‘energy improvement idea’. The objective of your literature review is: • To demonstrate a well developed information literacy, referencing and citing (in the UWE Harvard fashion) good quality information sources form a range of different perspectives. Students should use databased like Construction Information Services, Science Direct and Nexis available through the library website. • To demonstrate good writing skills by crafting a well structured and concise review, written at an appropriate level for your target audience, who is a technically competent academic. Use references to ‘sign‐post’ broad information as this will allow you to go deeply in your review quickly. E.g. “The issues around heat loss in building are well known (name, year)(name, year) and the issue of addressing Thermal Bridging in the refurbishment of steel frame structures is the focus of this review.” Students who use up too much of the 1000 words with broad information without focusing their review will score poorly. 1. To outline your idea and review the evidence base (literature or case studies) linking it to energy use in buildings. It is important to identify the key publications. 2. To relate your idea to the energy industry stakeholders – client FM team, ESCo, distribution company, energy supplier, government, etc. (i.e. who would be interested in this idea, who has an opinion on it, who would be against it.) 3. Discuss how your idea might benefit from one incentive/directive/trading scheme.   Avoid the trap of just giving a summary of your findings. Instead show you have researched and understood it’s details and using critical thinking, together with your knowledge of energy in buildings, develop an discussion that focuses on your idea. When being critical avoid falling into the ‘Daily Mail’ trap of spouting out un‐referenced opinions, using words like ‘must’ a lot. After writing the literature review you should be well prepared to apply the theory you have learnt on your case study building.
B‐1 ‐ Literature review suggested word count: 1000 words   (20% of the Individual Coursework B; 15% of module total)   A short literature review of your ‘energy improvement idea’. The objective of your literature review is: • To demonstrate a well developed information literacy, referencing and citing (in the UWE Harvard fashion) good quality information sources form a range of different perspectives. Students should use databased like Construction Information Services, Science Direct and Nexis available through the library website. • To demonstrate good writing skills by crafting a well structured and concise review, written at an appropriate level for your target audience, who is a technically competent academic.
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