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Argumentative or Persuasive Research Paper on Immigration Reform

The topic of the research paper is "Immigration Reform" and must be argumentative or persuasive, which means that the thesis is arguable and that someone can reasonably hold an opposing view. Additionally make sure that your research paper: . is 6-7 pages in length . must be written in third person . includes a minimum of 3 scholarly articles . includes a minimum of 5 sources total . conforms to MLA Additionally, you must: . submit, as part of "research portfolio," all articles/source materials that you used to write your paper . write, separate from formal research paper, an informal response letter approximately 250-350 words in length. This letter should be written in first person.
The topic of the research paper is "Immigration Reform" and must be argumentative or persuasive, which means that the thesis is arguable and that someone can reasonably hold an opposing view. Additionally make sure that your research paper: . is 6-7 pages in length . must be written in third person .
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