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Junk Food: Should the Government Regulate Our Intake?

this should be an exploratory essay in mla format and there should be 2 outside sources but authentic and there should be 1 source should be the book ( i gave the pages of the book as an attachment) and 1 source is the Houston Community Colleges SIRS knowledge data base (for that i have attached the word file). Just gather information and put some quotations from the sources and prove the topic question, thanks.
this should be an exploratory essay in mla format and there should be 2 outside sources but authentic and there should be 1 source should be the book ( i gave the pages of the book as an attachment) and 1 source is the Houston Community Colleges SIRS knowledge data base (for that i have attached the word file). Just gather information and put some quotations from the sources and prove the topic question, thanks.
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It is an exploratory essay, should be of at least 1,500 words. There should be 4 sources minimum, one from our book, (i have the pictures of the pages of the book) and two from outside internet but should be authentic information and one should be from Houston Community College's website ( I have provide u with the article from the college's site)...
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