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CREATED ON 17th October 2017
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Need a Stellar Revision for a Shitty Research Paper

Basically, another writer on here delivered me a steaming pile of garbage, and I need a complete 360-degree turnaround as my teacher hated the first version. Need it completed by 9 am tomorrow to leave room for changes; shouldn't take long with the info I'm providing. I received a 60 due to repetitive information and lack of sources used by the writer used, and I was honestly disappointed by the quality. I'm looking for a permanent writer to be able to count on. The idea and commentary information is there so about 50 percent of the paper is done, but more of what my professor is looking for needs to be added. Online textbook, feedback from the first paper, and additional sources will be provided by me in the paper instructions once hired. The topic is philosophy, so I need an extremely skilled writer in this area. If you are not skilled in philosophy, don't even bother. The topic is on the Philosophical idea of "Logic" MUST CITE EVERY SENTENCE WHERE INFORMATION IS REFERENCED, MUST USE VARIETY IN SOURCES. MUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO THE T
Basically, another writer on here delivered me a steaming pile of garbage, and I need a complete 360-degree turnaround as my teacher hated the first version. Need it completed by 9 am tomorrow to leave room for changes; shouldn't take long with the info I'm providing. I received a 60 due to repetitive information and lack of sources used by the writer used, and I was honestly disappointed by the quality. I'm looking for a permanent writer to be able to count on.
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HI, you helped me with my proposal. I just need to change a few things after they gave a more clear indication of what they expect. Will you be able to help me? I will need 9 pages on literature review and aprox 1 page on research methodology. I attached a word document of what they said they expect. Thanks, Girty..
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