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It is 2021, you are newly elected president to United states.

You, as the newly elected President, are developing your first major health policy speech to Congress. In this speech, you must be mindful of many stakeholders and interest groups, including the taxpayer. After all, you head up the Sane Party. You must be mindful there is no unlimited supply of money and the nation still has other priorities in addition to health care. You must be mindful too that health care inflation, health care premiums, health care costs have continued to rise at rates that continue to no longer be acceptable to the public. The nation is also “fed up,” with the continuing problem of the un-insured. Further, our nation continues to rank poorly amongst other industrialized countries on many recognized health parameters, and there is still the existence of health disparities in this country as well. You are to develop a policy speech which expresses the goals of your envisioned health care delivery system and what major initiatives you believe will be required to achieve these goals. Included in the speech you must express what current elements of the health care system should be kept, changed or discarded entirely. You must provide justification for the key points and themes in your new plan, taking into account, stakeholders and interest groups you identify as being important, and of course you must consider the taxpayer. You should identify which of these will be “winners and losers” and why you believe these to be the case.
You, as the newly elected President, are developing your first major health policy speech to Congress. In this speech, you must be mindful of many stakeholders and interest groups, including the taxpayer. After all, you head up the Sane Party. You must be mindful there is no unlimited supply of money and the nation still has other priorities in addition to health care.
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