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Quantum Entanglement (Example)

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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: THE QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT Introduction It is one those Central quantum physics principles but it’s also highly misunderstood. In summary quantum entanglement implies that there are multiple particles linked together in such a way that the when we measure one particle’s state of quantum it determines the possible state of all the other particles. An example is The Classic Quantum Entanglement; this is referred to as the EPR paradox. We consider one particle with a quantum spin 0 will decay into 2 new particles say A and B. The two particles A and B head off in the opposite directions. The original particle however had a quantum spin 0. So each of the two new particles will have a quantum spin of half (1/2) but since they must add up to 0 then A is +1/2 and B is -1/2 or vise verse. The relationship therefore qubits of are entangled the qubits form a single state of quantum in superposition. It would then allow a 100 qubit quantum computer to hold and also process 2^100 100 bit in numbers simultaneously. They can then phone over the aftereffects of their two bits of data to tell researchers at the faraway lab how to do an estimation on their half of the entrapped quantum state which will reproduce the quantum state at the faraway lab adequately teleporting it. This is a vital result in quantum mechanics particularly concerning quantum registering. References "Applications Of Quantum Entanglement | Gopinath S | LinkedIn." Web. 31 May 2016. "What Is Quantum Entanglement?" Education. Web. 31 May 2016. Bub Jeffrey. "Quantum Entanglement and Information." -Stanford University. Stanford University 2001. Web. 31 May 2016. "ENTANGLEMENT." ENTANGLEMENT. Web. 31 May 2016. "How Quantum Entanglement Works (Infographic)." LiveScience. TechMedia Network. Web. 31 May 2016. [...]

Order Description:

This paper should include what quantum entanglement and how it works. How it was found and what led to the discovery of it. Majority of the paper should be focused on the application of Quantum Entanglement: Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography, quantum teleportation, and scanning tunneling microscopes.

Subject Area: Physics

Document Type: Research Paper

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Great work. Some minor grammatical issues, but over all great work.


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