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Tuberculosis Paper (Example)

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Topic: Tuberculosis Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Tuberculosis is a disease which is highly infectious and it’s caused by a bacterium referred to as mycobacterium tuberculosis. Generally tuberculosis is known for affecting the lung but in other cases it normally affects some other parts of the human system. Many of tuberculosis infections are hard to detect since they are no symptoms observed and in this case it is known as latent tuberculosis. When one gets latent tuberculosis it is an instance where you have an infection but no symptom is observed since the bacteria remain inactive in the body. Latent infections progress into a serious active disease which if they are not treated early enough they can cause deaths to almost half of those infected. The common symptom to indicate that the disease has become active tuberculosis which can take a few days or even years is a to develop new equipment to treat and control the disease. The issue of drug resistance is key and this would be reduced by regulating the private sector involved in drug manufacturing. These ethical issues correlate to the Christians worldview who advocate and care for the sick poor and prisoners. If these issues are addressed then it would work for the good of all the parties involved. References Brennan P. J. (2013). Structure function and biogenesis of the cell wall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis 83(1) 91-97. Cobbett L. (2014). The causes of tuberculosis. Cambridge University Press. Wejse C. Gustafson P. Nielsen J. Gomes V. F. Aaby P. Andersen P. L. &Sodemann M. (2014). TBscore: Signs and symptoms from tuberculosis patients in a low-resource setting have predictive value and may be used to assess clinical course. Scandinavian journal of infectious diseases 40(2) 111-120. World Health Organization. (2016). Global tuberculosis report 2016. [...]

Order Description:

Write a paper on tuberculosis. Your paper must be 5 pages in length not including cover, appendices, and reference pages. Write your paper in Microsoft Word using double-spaced, 12-point font in Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. Format your paper according the APA guidelines found in the Concise rules of APA style (6th ed.) and/or the APA Formatting and Style Guide from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). Reference requirements: Support your paper with two or more references. All references listed on your reference page must be integrated into the paper as in-text citations using APA formatting. Every paragraph containing researchable scholarly information must have a minimum of one in-text citation. Paraphrasing research requires a citation. Limit the use of quotes – no more than one quote of up to two sentences per page of this paper. Quotes are word for word copying of materials from a resource with proper citation and quotation marks. It is imperative that the assignment reflect a student’s personal understanding of the topic. Excessive quoting may indicate that the writer trusts the author of the reference/resource. However, it does not show that the student understands the material. Putting the material in your own words demonstrates understanding of the subject matter. References must be medical, science (biology), or nursing scholarly articles; online web sites; your textbook or another medical or nursing or pathophysiology textbook. Reliable references include: nursing journals (e.g. AORN, RN), websites (Medscape, PubMed, CDC, National Institute of Health (NIH), Journal of Pediatric Medicine). References must no not be older than 5 years. Paper Organization: Title Page (not part of page count) Introduction: Include a brief definition of the disease (one paragraph, in APA this section does not have a heading). Body of Paper (5 full pages): Use the following headings within the body of your paper to ensure that you include the required information, and be sure to thoroughly address the question(s) provided for each heading Heading Key Question Etiology What cased the disease? Pathogenesis What happens at the cellular, tissue, and organ level? How do these derangements lead to altered function of the body? Clinical Manifestations (Signs and Symptoms) What signs will you observe or measure? What symptoms will the client experience or feel? Labs and Diagnostic Tests What abnormal labs and diagnostic tests confirm or support the diagnosis of the disease? Complications Discuss acute and/or chronic complications. Treatment implications What are the goals of treatment in relation to the pathophysiology? Explain briefly types of treatments used (such as surgery, medications, diet, alternative therapies, etc.) Conclusion (one paragraph): Discuss at least one ethical or moral issue in relation to this topic. How would you address this issue in real life? How does this issue correlate with a Christian worldview? References (not part of page count, see “Reference Requirements” above)

Subject Area: Biology

Document Type: Research Paper

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