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Domestic Violence in the Muslim community is under reported and victims often stay silent

DUE BY OCTOBER 11TT Just focus on working Introduction PART I & II Forum 6 - Introduction Part I - Due October 11, 2017 Forum 6 – Introduction-Part I – Due October 11, 2017 Respond to the following, then respond to a minimum of two of your classmates' responses. This assignment guides you through the initial development of the introduction to your research paper. Please refer to the APA Manual (pp. 25-28). Now, consider our class conversation concerning your proposed research topic and the articles you summarized. With this in mind, respond to the following (one paragraph for each prompt) as referenced in the APA Manual (pp. 27): i. Why is this problem important ii. How does the study relate to previous work in this area? iii. Describe the objectives of the study. (Outcomes 2, 5) Forum 7 – Introduction-Part II – Due October 11, 2017 Respond to the following, then respond to a minimum of two of your classmates' responses. This assignment guides you through the initial development of the introduction to your research paper. Please refer to the APA Manual (pp. 25-28). Now, consider our class conversation concerning your proposed research topic and the articles you summarized. With this in mind, respond to the following (one paragraph for each prompt) as referenced in the APA Manual (pp. 27): i. How does action research inform the topic of study? ii. What are the potential outcomes of the study? iii. What are the theoretical and practical implications of the study? (Outcomes 2, 5) Forum 8 – Importance of Literature Review – Due October 19, 2017 Discuss the importance of framing the study you are conducting within existing literature when writing the introduction. (Outcomes 2, 5) Forum 9 – The Researcher – Due October 23, 2017 Why do you think the researcher is so important when conducting qualitative research? Forum 10 – Stephen Corey – Due October 27, 2017 Follow this link to a YouTube video about action research. Respond to the following, then respond to a minimum of two of your classmates' responses. In the video, note the following quote by Stephen Corey: "One of the excellent incidental effects of conducting action research is that the people involved come to some disturbing conclusions regarding their tendencies to generalize in the absence of evidence." What does he mean? How is this relevant to your research?
DUE BY OCTOBER 11TT Just focus on working Introduction PART I & II Forum 6 - Introduction Part I - Due October 11, 2017 Forum 6 – Introduction-Part I – Due October 11, 2017 Respond to the following, then respond to a minimum of two of your classmates' responses. This assignment guides you through the initial development of the introduction to your research paper. Please refer to the APA Manual (pp. 25-28).
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