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In light of the case written below, explain and critically discuss hedonism.

Kerin lives in Zurich, in a beautiful apartment in overlooking the lake. When she is not at her day job as a research scientist at a world-class institute working on a cure for cancer she enjoys volunteering with a local charity that assists refugees, running marathons, cooking fabulous meals, socializing with good friends, and spending time with her life partner and their children. She also finds the time to paint. Her paintings are critically acclaimed and she has exhibited in important galleries. Kerin enjoys great health and springs out of bed every morning full of joy and vitality. When Pia was born she was attached to an experience machine that produces sensory stimulation. Pia enjoys the experience of living in Zurich, in a beautiful apartment overlooking the lake. She also experiences being a research scientist at a world-class institute working on a cure for cancer, volunteering with a local charity that assists refugees, running marathons, cooking fabulous meals, socializing with good friends, and spending time with her life partner and their children. She also enjoys the experience of painting critically acclaimed works, and of exhibiting those works in important galleries. She is kept healthy by the machine and experiences the feeling of springing out of bed every morning full of joy and vitality. Kerin and Pia live lives of identical length and their hedonic levels are identical at every moment of these lives.
Kerin lives in Zurich, in a beautiful apartment in overlooking the lake. When she is not at her day job as a research scientist at a world-class institute working on a cure for cancer she enjoys volunteering with a local charity that assists refugees, running marathons, cooking fabulous meals, socializing with good friends, and spending time with her life partner and their children. She also finds the time to paint. Her paintings are critically acclaimed and she has exhibited in important galleries.
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