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Analysis of the assasination attempt of Lorenzo di Medici

The last paper (attached) is an analytic book review on "April Blood" by Lauro Martines. My teacher did not like it because the middle was not analytic. This is a feature article based off of that paper with a goal to focus on a smaller part of the topic. It also needs an additional book and 3 articles as sources (for a total of 2 books and 6 articles). Sources cannot just be plain articles or books. The book has to be a recent (last 10-15 years), relevant (not outdated), academic book with a reputable author (went to harvard, yale etc./won awards) and a good publishing company (oxford, chicago University etc.). The Articles need a good publication/journal and reputable author (same as book). 12-15 pages not including the works cited (MLA). ****Teacher's Style: No passive verbs or State of being Verbs (no using the words is, are, were, was, have, has, be, being).
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