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What are the main differences between a living organism and a quartz crystal? (Example)

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Living organisms are special creatures that have got various features that makes them unique in some ways. They differ from the mineral quartz in many ways .Cells are their basic units of life. Living things produce by a genetic material known as the Denucleotide adenosine phosphate all living organisms respond to stimuli in their environments. On the other hand crystals are translucent and colorless objects that are used for various purposes. Living organisms have got genes that determines their genetic makeup. The genome makes up genes that further translates to chromatids which makes up a chromosome. The chromosomes then combine to form a cell which further combines to form an organelle. Living creatures are able to synthesize energy in form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from the environment the ATP are form after undergoing a series of biochemical reaction such as glycolysis and gluconeogenesis3333750935990-3429001031240Crystals always occurs in all mineral rich scientists with the new intervention also claim that all cells have got the same basic chemical composition The .function of all organisms in the entire kingdom depends majorly on the functionality of the cells .not all cell are alike nut they serve different purposes .there are eukaryotic cells (with nucleus)e.g. plant cell and animal cell prokaryotic cells (without nucleus )e.g. bacteria and Achaeans. However properties of quartz crystals always heals cleanses and balances the structure of other crystals. These nature always results into the mental and physical stability of the crystals by initiating the strength and ability of these particular rocks. The crystals quartz and the living organisms have got a broad range of differences when certain aspects are features are looked into. The living organisms enjoy many chemical and biological activities within their bodies unlike the crystal which underwent chemical reactions only during the time of their formations [...]

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what are the main differences between a living organism and a quartz crystal? Be sure to consider the differences between GEOCHEMISTRY and BIOCHEMISTRY, as well as the unifying themes of BIOLOGY such as CELL THEORY, the HIERARCHICAL ORGANIZATION OF LIFE, STRUCTURE, and FUNCTIONS OF DNA, the principles and processes of heredity, as well as the " law " of evolution by natural selection. ( You need to provide a picture for each answer, and illustrations per question to illuminate your responses.) More detailed is better.

Subject Area: Anthropology

Document Type: Dissertation

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