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Managing Social Conflict (Example)

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Comm: 3319 Managing Social Conflict: Conflict of Moral Issue Many instances of conflict in the society today is caused by moral convictions which are interpreted as right when viewed from a moral attitude and wrong when scaled on others. However this escalates when self-interests take precedence over the virtue of reaching which they deem detrimental to the society. Liberal or autocratic leaders all have the same objective only that they use different means to achieve them. This is the reason why there have been dissenting voices in the world as a way of giving alternative ways of solving issues of moral concern. [...]

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I will expect you to keep a Journal. Put your name at the top, and each time you add to the Journal place the date and your response/thoughts above the assignment. In this way I can see the whole of your work as a sequence. For example, if the assignment says, “Write a one-page double-spaced opinion about the article in the assignment,” simply add it to the previous week’s writing, but as a separate part. Comm 3319 Managing Social Conflict Conflicts of Moral Issue . Issues that arise out of opposing views of right and wrong. . For example, a person who believes that a woman has the right to control her body finds no common ground with a person who believes that a fetus is an unborn human being with rights independent of its mother. . What makes perfectly good sense to one person may be totally ridiculous to another when each is viewed within his or her values. . As the conflict becomes more deep-rooted, the discourse in the conflict becomes more simplified and shallow. Characteristics of intractable issues are: 1. In terms of people, intractable issues involve states or other actors with a long sense of historical grievance, and a strong desire to redress or avenge these. 2. In terms of duration, intractable issues take place over a long period of time. 3. Intractable issues intangibles such as identity, sovereignty, or values and beliefs. 4. In terms of relationships, intractable issues involve polarized perceptions of hostility and enmity, and behavior that is violent and destructive. 5. In terms of geopolitics, intractable issues usually take place where buffer states exist between major power blocks or civilization. 6. In terms of management, intractable issues resist most conflict management efforts and have a history of failed peacemaking efforts. Group-based hatred . Oriented toward a particular goal: those who hold it want to hurt, relocate, or even eliminate the out-group. . Group-based hatred fuels the notion that the in-group is right, good, and holy and the out-group is wrong, bad, and evil. Intractable Conflicts . One person or group seeks to deny another person or group their sense of self, or denies the legitimacy of the other’s group identity. . One person or group seeks to deny another person or group such fundamental needs as security or the ability to pursue one’s own goals. . One person or group may try to put themselves ahead of others in the social, political, or economic structure. . One group seeks to control resources in a win-lose conflict where no expansion of the resources is possible. Some Thoughts About the Various Ways We View Our Country Thomas Jefferson claimed that “Dissent if the highest form of patriotism” . George W. Bush was quoted as saying, “What’s good for America is good for the rest of the world.” . Fascism is a nationalism the identifies the nation with all that is good—not just for the individual but for the world and all humanity.” . Patriotism is “love for one’s country as it is and a willingness to defend it against foreign aggression.” . Nationalism is a “love for one’s nation as it will be once it has exterminated all its enemies, become totally unified, and achieved its grand purpose of world-historical destiny.”

Subject Area: Communications

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