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The Recruiting Value of Corporate Social Responsibility

Kim and Park (2011) argue that corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities not only have value for benefitting social causes but can also be regarded as recruiting tools for attracting potential employees who perceive the organization and its CSR activities as an ethical fit. The foundation of this argument comes from an organizational perspective that views employees as important assets for a corporation. Coming from this perspective would mean that corporations would be cognizant about the imperative to have an active CSR program that matches corporate values, missions, and cultures. Conduct Internet research and identify the top ten companies to work for last year. Choose one of these companies and research its CSR activities. In your posting, respond to the following: What are the company's CSR activities? What do these activities say about the company? Do you think that these activities are cause beneficial or cause exploitative? Give evidence for your answer. Would you consider working for this company? Support your answers with appropriate research and reasoning
Kim and Park (2011) argue that corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities not only have value for benefitting social causes but can also be regarded as recruiting tools for attracting potential employees who perceive the organization and its CSR activities as an ethical fit. The foundation of this argument comes from an organizational perspective that views employees as important assets for a corporation. Coming from this perspective would mean that corporations would be cognizant about the imperative to have an active CSR program that matches corporate values, missions, and cultures. Conduct Internet research and identify the top ten companies to work for last year.
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