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Mandatory flu shots and their shortsighted benefits

You are in the employ (role-play) of a healthcare organization, community-based organization, local, state or federal agency representative, member of Congress, etc. Write a concise, well-structured memo in which you provide 1) an understanding of the policy issue, 2) why this is an important issue to the public health or healthcare delivery system, 3) a brief history of the policy issue, 4) what you are proposing that will impact the policy issue, 5) why you are making this particular proposal, 6) what are the benefits to be expected by the proposal, 7) what stakeholders who may oppose the policy would argue and 8) a closing statement. The memo should include the date, the name of the recipient along with their title and organization, and your name, your role-played title and organization.
You are in the employ (role-play) of a healthcare organization, community-based organization, local, state or federal agency representative, member of Congress, etc. Write a concise, well-structured memo in which you provide 1) an understanding of the policy issue, 2) why this is an important issue to the public health or healthcare delivery system, 3) a brief history of the policy issue, 4) what you are proposing that will impact the policy issue, 5) why you are making this particular proposal, 6) what are the benefits to be expected by the proposal, 7) what stakeholders who may oppose the policy would argue and 8) a closing statement. The memo should include the date, the name of the recipient along with their title and organization, and your name, your role-played title and organization.
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