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SUBJECT AREA Information Technology
CREATED ON 28th September 2017
COMPLETED ON 8th October 2017
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Penetration testing (Pentesting) lab exercise report

- Up to 10 pages, less than 10 pages is fine, as long as all the questions are clearly answered - Questions to be answered are highlight within the pentesting lab instruction manual- file, which is the only part you shall focus on - Apply APA style in text citations and references Please, thank you! P.S. I don't know why the studybay system automatically chose the academical level to "high school" but it should be graduate level
- Up to 10 pages, less than 10 pages is fine, as long as all the questions are clearly answered - Questions to be answered are highlight within the pentesting lab instruction manual- file, which is the only part you shall focus on - Apply APA style in text citations and references Please, thank you! P.S.
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