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Defining Women Subjects: Photographs in Trinidad (1860s-1960s)

Read "Defining Women Subjects: Photographs in Trinidad (1860s-1960s) " write four (4) original comments on Kempadoo’s ideas, arguments and suggestions expressed in “Defining Women Subjects: Photographs in Trinidad (1860s-1960s);” write one response to overall question: Comparison with Barbara Bush, "The Eye of the Beholder..." How would you compare the ideas, arguments and suggestions made by Barbara Bush in “The Eye of the Beholder: Contemporary European Images of Black Women” (Engendering Caribbean History, 201-209) with the findings of Roshini Kempadoo’s case studies? please point it out which paragraph you are commenting on. use footnotes in Chicago Notes and Bibliography style) and engage others in meaningful discussion. Citing “Defining Women Subjects: Photographs in Trinidad (1860s-1960s)” does not satisfy this requirement.
Read "Defining Women Subjects: Photographs in Trinidad (1860s-1960s) " write four (4) original comments on Kempadoo’s ideas, arguments and suggestions expressed in “Defining Women Subjects: Photographs in Trinidad (1860s-1960s);” write one response to overall question: Comparison with Barbara Bush, "The Eye of the Beholder..." How would you compare the ideas, arguments and suggestions made by Barbara Bush in “The Eye of the Beholder: Contemporary European Images of Black Women” (Engendering Caribbean History, 201-209) with the findings of Roshini Kempadoo’s case studies? please point it out which paragraph you are commenting on. use footnotes in Chicago Notes and Bibliography style) and engage others in meaningful discussion. Citing “Defining Women Subjects: Photographs in Trinidad (1860s-1960s)” does not satisfy this requirement.
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