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Answer the questions BOOK Criminal Procedure law and practice TENTH EDITION

Read Chapters Four, Five, and Six. Refer to the announcements for the grading rubric and criteria for this assignment. Answer the following short answer / multiple choice questions: Chapter Four: 1. Give three arguments in favor of the exclusionary rule as it currently stands, and three arguments against it. Then explain your position on the issue, supporting it with logical examples 2. The exclusionary rule was fashioned to deter police misconduct. The Supreme Court has refused to apply it to cases where the misconduct was not by the police. Should the exclusionary rule be extended to other public officers besides the police? Why or why not? If so, to what other public officers should the rule apply?​ 3.What was the effect of Mapp v. Ohio upon the criminal justice system?​ Chapter Five: 4. The Court has held that probable cause is necessary for a stationhouse detention accompanied by interrogation as opposed to ust fingerprinting even if no expressed arrest is made. Do you agree with this holding Support your position. 5. Stops based on race alone are not valid but there is disagreement whether race can be taken as one factor in determining reasonable suspicion for a stop. Under what circumstances should race be allowed as one factor in determining reasonable suspicion for a stop ive an example to support your conclusion. 6. Using the guidelines in seuence that were set in Terry v. Ohio create a police department procedure for stopping and frisking an individual. Be specific. Chapter Six: 7. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Constitution requires that the police must announce their purpose before breaking into a dwelling. Name and discuss two of the exceptions to this rule. 8. The Supreme Court has issued opinions in cases dealing with a wide range of intrusiveness in searches and seizures. Why are roadblocks to control the flow of illegal aliens less intrusive than stationhouse detention?​ 9. Define, compare, and contrast actual and constructive seizures. Give an example of each.​ 10. Discuss the different factors governing use of deadly force and use of non-deadly force. Provide examples of situation in which each would be permissible.​
Read Chapters Four, Five, and Six. Refer to the announcements for the grading rubric and criteria for this assignment. Answer the following short answer / multiple choice questions: Chapter Four: 1. Give three arguments in favor of the exclusionary rule as it currently stands, and three arguments against it.
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