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Special Interests, Media, and Technology Presentation

Create a 3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, in which you discuss various influences on the following: - Will the special interest group, National Rifle Association (NRA), have more or less influence on public safety practices and civil rights legislation in the future? Include a minimum of three peer reviewed references. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
Create a 3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, in which you discuss various influences on the following: - Will the special interest group, National Rifle Association (NRA), have more or less influence on public safety practices and civil rights legislation in the future? Include a minimum of three peer reviewed references. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
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PLEASE KEEP THE SOURCES USED NEURAL PSYCH BASED. locate at least 10 scholarly peer-reviewed articles that are relevant and that support your funding request.  Create your preliminary annotated bibliography and ensure that your resources are relevant to the topic.
Annotated Bibliography
(it has to be a creative tittle based on what we write)
this essay is based on a speech by Mary Church Terrell called "What it means to be colored in the Capital of the United States" I have been in the ER all night long and on meds so have decided to seek for help, these are the notes I took in class. Due Monday. why do you find speech compelling/interesting 750-1k , 3 pages long intro- catchy hook, 1st sentence creative. Must..
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response paper draft finished. Need for revision according to professor's comments.
3-4 pages draft already finished. No need to change resources. May have to add some ideas and delete some sentences. There's a reading text that you will need to cite more and write more about it. Focus more on dr. toad(pg 140, 143, 144) and ceremonies( such as 154, pg164-167)
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American Politics - executive power of the president (persuasive/argument)
Hello. I need an essay for my Intro to American Politics class. The instructions for the essay are attached to this. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WILL BE WRITING ABOUT, I URGE YOU TO NOW READ THE ATTACHED INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS ESSAY THOROUGHLY BEFORE CONTINUING ANY FURTHER. First off, I have uploaded all relevant files for this task here in this Google Drive folder:..
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Papers should be no less than threefull-pages in length. In addition, they should be typed as well as doubled-spaced. Keep in mind that strongessays will make explicit connections with the course material—especially with a comprehensive ethical theory and our Ethics Across the Professionstext. Try and avoid using online references like Wikipedia, which..
The Brainwashing of the African Slave with Christianity
APA Format- Double Spaced in a 12-point font - A minimum of 5 book or scholarly articles for references. Use Nat Turner story as a reference and if able to Nancy Koester, Introduction to the History of Christianity in the United States. 10 pages needed
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3 examples of ideas/intervations to reduse injury risk for childhood/adolescent population
APA formatting Reference: CDC Injury Prevention and Control website; Child safety and injury prevention. Additionally review the CDC Childhood Injury report.
Write a 4 sentence rhetorical précis of illing's article, following the below steps
1) Name of author, genre, and title of work, date in parenthesis: a rhetorically accurate verb (such as claims, argues, asserts, suggests) and a "that" clause containing the major assertion or thesis statement in the work. 2) An explanation of how the author develops and supports the thesis, usually in chronological order. 3) A statement of the author's apparent..
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Setting healthy boundaries is essential to healthy personal and professional relationships. Discuss the difference between being assertive and aggressive in setting boundaries. Identify what challenges you face in setting appropriate boundaries and how you can overcome those challenges.
Discussion question, Need done by today at 12 midnight my time...
Quickly explain your study design and hypothesized results. What types of analyses are most suited for your design? What did you expect to find? What might be some results that were demonstrated by your data

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