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Understanding Marketing and Customer Relationships

Marketing is a dynamic, multi-faceted process through which you align the activities of your organization to meet the needs of a customer while benefiting the organization. Essential here is to establish mutually beneficial customer relationships that help you and your customer achieve goals. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to apply concepts and tools from this week's materials to make recommendations about improving a product's value proposition to create mutually beneficial relationships for your organization. This worksheet will also provide you with concepts and resources for building future assignments in this course. Resources Manager interview, Week 1 textbook reading, Week 1 video, American Marketing Association Website. Scenario Put on your marketing consultant hat to explore opportunities for a product at your work or for another "client", then make recommendations about improving the value proposition for the product or service. Your "client" can be a manager responsible for marketing the product, a manager at a company for which you would like to work, or a non-profit in your community. An alternative is to leverage the assignments from this course to start developing marketing resources for a product or service that you want to develop and market. Whether for a client or to fulfill your own entrepreneurial vision, make sure you understand the basic concepts from the Week 1 resources so you can apply them to improve the value proposition and customer relations for the product. Instructions Identify a product or service at your work or at a company for which you would like to work. Alternatively, you can use this and other assignments in the course to develop marketing for a product you would like to develop. Keep things simple; focus on defining concepts that you can apply for marketing a product or a service, not for a company. In the "Define" column, explain the concepts using course materials or other credible sources. Your definitions should be no more than 100 words for each concept. DO NOT copy and paste definitions; make sure the definitions represent your own learning with proper citations. In the "Cite" column, provide an in-text citation for your concepts. This assignment should include at least three sources, including the course text, your interview, the WK1 video, the University Library, or other credible sources. DO NOT pull your definitions off Internet searches; using the premium resources you're paying for will help you tap value for your tuition investment, improve your learning, and improve the integrity of your work. Interview a manager responsible for marketing the product. If this is a product that you are envisioning for your own business, you can answer the questions yourself; but, make sure you support your answers with research--and properly cite and apply your sources. Consider using the questions provided in the table to guide your interview. This interview can be a reference for this assignment. You may also find it helpful for guiding development of future assignments throughout the course. In the "Apply" column, answer each question in the Question column as it applies to the product you selected. Your applications should be no more than 100 words for each question. For example, after defining marketing, explain how redefining the role of marketing in your organization can improve mutually profitable relationships with consumers of your product.
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