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Individual Programmatic Assessment: Research Proposal Final Part

Research Proposal Develop an original research study proposal and describe it in detail in a 10-12 page (APA style) paper. Include at least 10 scholarly references in your proposal. Use the following outline as a guide when writing your paper. Be sure to include detailed information on all of the topics listed below and use headings to organize your thoughts. 1. Statement of the problem: Introduce the reader to the problem to be studied. Provide sufficient background information such that the reader has a grasp of the situation and its importance. 2. Review of the literature: Provide the reader with a review of most relevant literature, beginning with general information, and narrowing the focus to the specific issues under consideration in the study. 3. Purpose of the study: Identify why the study that you are proposing is needed. 4. Hypotheses or research questions: List them as simple statements. Make sure they are measurable. 5. Definition of terms: Operationally define terms the average reader may not know, or that have a specific meaning in your study. 6. Assumptions: Identify issues you assume to be true in order for your study to be valid. 7. Research methods and procedures a. Population: Describe the population sample to be studied b. Procedure: Discuss how the study will be carried out. c. Instruments: Describe the specific measurements (instruments) to be used to test each hypothesis (research question). d. Data Analysis: Describe the procedures you intend to use to analyze the data produced from your instruments, and how that would answer the hypotheses (research questions). e. Discussion: Since you are only proposing (not conducting) a research study, you will not have results; however, you can discuss potential outcomes. Review your hypothesis and discuss how this study will address it. For example, if the results allow you to reject the null hypothesis, what are the implications? What would happen if you fail to reject the null hypothesis? Discuss the implications of your proposed study, the limitations of your study, and future research ideas and directions. 8. Implications: Provide a brief summary of your proposal and a powerful statement as to how your study would advance the field. 9. References: Include at least 10 scholarly sources in your Reference section. Be sure to use APA style throughout your paper. THIS IS DUE ON FRIDAY SEPT 8, 2017 @6PM CST Tara, You are missing a lot of information and you need to do quite a bit of work to get ready for your research proposal, however, with a concerted effort, I think you can do it. It is critical that your introduction shows us why your research is important/why anyone should care. You must show why your study is unique - we do not get paid to replicate other studies. The purpose of your study was vague, and it is not clear how you plan to test your hypotheses. Further, you can use only peer-reviewed references. Moreover, read ALL comments throughout the paper. Last, see revised instructions (attached) for the week 8 project. Dr. Lisa
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