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Homeostasis (Example)

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Homeostasis Name Institution Homeostasis The term homeostasis is a Greek word composed of two terms “homeo” meaning similar and “statis” meaning stable. Therefore homeostasis is the state of stability and equilibrium in the internal environment of an organism. Homeostasis is one of the vital aspects of not only human being s but also of all living organisms living on the surface of the earth. Through homeostasis the human body has the ability to maintain its internal environment more stable regardless of the changes in the external surroundings of the person. The PH body temperatures and osmoregulation are some of the key factors within the human body that largely depend on the homeostatic functioning within the body at any given time (Sherwood 2011). As one of the key mechanisms responsible for life sustenance homeostasis assists the body systems to maintain a state of stability in the body through feedback mechanisms levels during pregnancy are very vital for proper development of the unborn babies since it allows the unborn to draw materials inform of nutrients from the bloodstream of the mother through physiological processes (Sherwood 2011). It is therefore; clear that homeostasis and proper development in unborn babies are inseparable. References Top of Form Bottom of Form Top of Form Bottom of Form Top of Form Top of Form Langhoff C. (2002). Homeostasis and the human kidney. Munich: GRIN Verlag GmbH. Sarvani  P. (2017 April 12). Role of Homeostasis in Human Physiology: A Review | Open Access Journals. Retrieved from Sherwood L. (2011). Fundamentals of human physiology. Cengage Learning. Willmer P. Stone G. & Johnston I. A. (2005). Environmental physiology of animals. Malden Mass: Blackwell Pub. Wilson M. R. (2009). The endocrine system: Hormones growth and development. New York NY: Rosen Pub. Group. Bottom of Form Bottom of Form [...]

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The maintenance of homeostasis is of major importance to all organ systems in the body and the overall survival of the individual. Explain how homeostasis is the maintenance of a dynamic range of environmental qualities rather than holding the internal environment at a set point. What would be wrong with a set point (say for body temperature) rather than a working range of temperatures? The endocrine system is closely tied to homeostasis functioning. Give two examples of hormones (including their glands of origin and action) that play major roles in homeostatic processes in the body. What happens if these hormones are disrupted in their actions? Also, look at how we adapt to survival in the outside world. Discuss how maintaining homeostasis gives us greater freedom of activity from dependence upon changes in the external environment. What happens during extremes that force our bodies out of homeostatic bounds? Give specific examples. Why is the maintenance of homeostasis especially important during development of new humans within the bodies of their mothers? What can go wrong if specific homeostatic functions are disrupted? Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Quality of initial posting: Initial posting should reveal a solid understanding of all aspects of the task; use factual and relevant information; and demonstrate full development of concepts. 100 Connections and higher order thinking: Multiple connections should be demonstrated showing a clear understanding of the material with clear and correct examples. 50 Reference to supporting readings: Refer to and properly cite (i.e., APA) either course and/or outside readings. 50 Language and Grammar: There should be no spelling, structure, or grammatical errors in any posting. Writing should be clear and organized. 50 Total: 250 Everything in APA format. Header with Running Head and Page number. NO Footer! Title Page.

Subject Area: Biology

Document Type: Paraphrasing

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