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The Jewish commmunity of Egypt (however if you have a better tittle in mind please change it)

This is a final paper that has a scenario as if this will be a part of a gallery in the museum. This part/ gallery will focus on the Egyptian community in Egypt from the 2nd century. You are required for this part to display 5-10 objects in that gallery that have to do with the Jewish community of Egypt. Objects can be a specific Menorah from egypt that was used, information from the cairo genizah (research Goitein &Rustow; for this part and also look at Biale, Cultures of the Jews: Mediterranean Origins-might help) However SPECIFIC instructions will be provided in the attachment below. must thoroughly read it to complete this assignment correctly. Plagirism will NOT be accepted even if closely paraphrased MUST cite even after your sentence.
This is a final paper that has a scenario as if this will be a part of a gallery in the museum. This part/ gallery will focus on the Egyptian community in Egypt from the 2nd century. You are required for this part to display 5-10 objects in that gallery that have to do with the Jewish community of Egypt. Objects can be a specific Menorah from egypt that was used, information from the cairo genizah (research Goitein &Rustow; for this part and also look at Biale, Cultures of the Jews: Mediterranean Origins-might help) However SPECIFIC instructions will be provided in the attachment below.
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