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Organizations' Case Mix Index (CMI) fron 2012-2013

You have a committee meeting tomorrow where you will be reporting on any patterns that are appearing in the case mix index (CMI) for your facility, Community Hospital. You have been asked to compare your Case Mix Index (CMI) to the national CMI graphically and analytically. The national CMI (case mix index) for 2012 was 1.3638 and for 2013 it was 1.4279. Use the data in the table to review Community Hospital’s CMI for 2012 and 2013. (PLEASE REMEMNER TO SITE ONLINE SOURCES and references). In-text citations are required!! – THANKS!
You have a committee meeting tomorrow where you will be reporting on any patterns that are appearing in the case mix index (CMI) for your facility, Community Hospital. You have been asked to compare your Case Mix Index (CMI) to the national CMI graphically and analytically. The national CMI (case mix index) for 2012 was 1.3638 and for 2013 it was 1.4279. Use the data in the table to review Community Hospital’s CMI for 2012 and 2013.
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