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Does physical activity benefit adults with mental illness

NOTE: PLEASE BEFORE YOU BID, MAKE SURE YOU GO THROUGH THE INSTRUCTION. SEE THE 8 ATTACHED RESEARCHED ARTICLES WHICH YOU WILL REVIEW AND DISCUSS. EACH ARTICLE SHOULD BE ON SEPARATE PARAGAPH WITH THE HEADING Eg ATTACHED ARTICLE 1 IS physical activity and common mental disorder. PLEASE IN EACH ARTICLE, INCLUDE HOW MANY PARTISPANT ARE INVOLVED. TWO MOR RESEARCHED ARTICLES NEEDED TO MAKE IT TEN. PLEASE STICK TO THE GIVEN HEADINGS 1 TO 9 BELOW. Please find attached 8 researched articles required for the job. Two more articles are required from the writer. DISSERTATION TOPIC Topic: Does physical activity benefit adults with mental illness? See attached marking criteria, sent as jpg. Please I want the writer to write on the following nine headings only 1.Introduction- see the marking criteria 2.Aim- see marking criteria 2.Methodological- See marking criteria 3.Appraisal- see the marking criteria 4.Ethnical issues 5.Litterature review- (appraisal of the papers). Result/findings- This main section of the dissertation presents the papers included. We recommend introductory comments about the literature as a whole followed by the detailed presentation and critique of each paper. this would include general comments about the nature of evidence itself - is it largely qualitative, quantitative or a combination of both? Is there high or low consensus? Are there different schools of thought? After this comes the detailed presentation of the papers. One approach is to divide and discuss the papers in groups. You can divide the papers into groups depending on, for example, their findings or their methods. You can think of findings-based groups as something like the 'themes' that qualitative researchers sometimes use to organise a large amount of collected data. You can use the themes as subheadings. Alternatively you could divide them according to some methodological criteria, for example groups of studies that used different measures of job satisfaction, or burnout. Alternatively you could divide them by their findings e.g. one group of studies that found a certain intervention was effective and then those which found it ineffective. 6.Discussion- See marking criteria 7.Conclusion - See marking criteria 8.Recommendation- see marking criteria 9.Reference- Harvard style Please use the following websites to find information to support the job- NHS Choices website, NICE guideline website, NMC and RCN website. 5000 words, UK English, Harvard style of referencing and citation, Undergraduate At least 10 researched papers are needed to be discussed on. Each one per paragraph. I have provided 8 researched article. The writer should look for 2 more researched articles. Could you please send by attachment to me any additional researched article as soon as possible. For more information, please feel free to contact me. I may complete the remaining part of the dissertation after this ( The complete dissertation should be 5000). Regards, Joseph Richard.
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