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Argumentive research paper on how exercise impacts one's health

OUTLINE Submit a minimum 3 page outline complete with Works Cited page. Outline must be: •written in complete sentences. •in MLA format. •include citations. Outline and Works Cited page should be the same document FINAL PAPER It is now time to take all the research and writing you’ve done and combine it all together into a cohesive research project. You will need to define the issue, provide a historical foundation for the issue, prove the issue deserves attention, address counter arguments, and finally propose a solution. Paper Requirements: MLA Format 8-10 pages (10% deduction for each page short) Minimum of 6 sources (1 book, 1 periodical, 1 scholarly article) Parenthetical Citation Works Cited
OUTLINE Submit a minimum 3 page outline complete with Works Cited page. Outline must be: •written in complete sentences. •in MLA format. •include citations.
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