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Case Study- Upholding Laws and Ethics as Healthcare Administrator

A#10 As a manager, you have “power”. You have this power because of your position, your education, and the laws your organization is required to uphold for the benefit of employees and patients. As a healthcare administrator/manager, you are also a leader and it will be your responsibility to uphold laws and professional ethics. Using Case Study #3 on page 242, please use the Case Study Format to complete this assignment. Background Statement: This statement explains what is going on in the case. What are the major issues presented? What are the points the reader needs to know in order to understand how you will “solve” the case? Be certain to summarize the information in your own words. A background statement will briefly describe the organization, setting, situation, who is involved, or who makes decisions. Organizational Strengths and/or Weaknesses: Identify the strengths or weaknesses that exist in relation to the major problem. Describe what the organization is capable of doing with respect to addressing the major problem. Recommendations: Describe two to three recommendations. What are the positives and negatives of the solutions? Can the major problem be solved by the organization (a strength) or will staff or additional resources (supplies, technology, --which can be a negative) be needed? What can be done and explain why it must be done. Conclusion: Brief paragraph explaining how the major issue can be solved using the recommendations. Page 242 - information needed on Case Study to complete the assignment. -- You have discovered that one of your physicians is violating the Stark law by sending patients to an imaging center in which she has an ownership percentage. She offers you a monthly consulting fee if you don’t say anything and let her continue to refer patients. She tells you that the facility is good and the patients are not being harmed. What will you do? (Safian, S., 242)
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