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Creating Collaborator Value in the Health Care Market

Post a 700-750-word response to the following questions as a New Message into the discussion area: Drug companies are pursuing collaborative efforts with other companies to manage in the world of pharmacogenomics and individualized medicine. What are some examples of these collaborative efforts being pursued by pharmaceutical companies? The National Institute of Health is establishing collaborative efforts through the Accelerated Medical Partnership (AMP) program. What is AMP, and how is this working? Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar reference. Format your citations according to APA guidelines.
Post a 700-750-word response to the following questions as a New Message into the discussion area: Drug companies are pursuing collaborative efforts with other companies to manage in the world of pharmacogenomics and individualized medicine. What are some examples of these collaborative efforts being pursued by pharmaceutical companies? The National Institute of Health is establishing collaborative efforts through the Accelerated Medical Partnership (AMP) program. What is AMP, and how is this working?
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