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Identifying Managemnet Strength and weakneses that need to be develpoed

Identify three areas where you need to develop your skills for future management and leadership. Include three business references (Harvard) and essay 1000 words describing: 1. Why the skills are important to business. 2. Where you could access mentoring to learn to develop the skills. 3. What you can do during your degree to help you with these skills. The self test are: Topics to look at; . Skills of effective managers . Managerial Assumptions . Global Readiness Index . Time Management Profile . Emotional Intelligence .Assertiveness .Work Engagement SUrvey .Team Leader SKills
Identify three areas where you need to develop your skills for future management and leadership. Include three business references (Harvard) and essay 1000 words describing: 1. Why the skills are important to business. 2.
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All the informations required for this essay, is located in the assessment brief, so please, download the assessment brief file, read and see what the requirements are, and after, please get back on me, with the answer, if this project can be delivered in time, with very good feedback! Thank you
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