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SUBJECT AREA Project Management
DOCUMENT TYPE Dissertation
TAGS Model
CREATED ON 6th August 2017
COMPLETED ON 17th August 2017
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A Design-Build Model for Small Buildings Construction Project ($500K to $2M) in Libya

Please Provide: Step 1: Proposal Form (See attached) (due 8/9/2017) Step 2: 1500 Words Final Proposal (see attached for details) (due 8/17/2017) Step 3: This step to be completed later after confirming step 2. Total 12,000-13,000 words Dissertation (see attached for details) (late September, flexible) Word count shall not include references. References to be in Harvard style.
Please Provide: Step 1: Proposal Form (See attached) (due 8/9/2017) Step 2: 1500 Words Final Proposal (see attached for details) (due 8/17/2017) Step 3: This step to be completed later after confirming step 2. Total 12,000-13,000 words Dissertation (see attached for details) (late September, flexible) Word count shall not include references. References to be in Harvard style.
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