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Film analysis (Example)

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Film Analysis Film analysis is the process of analyzing a movie regarding the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in play cinematography sound and editing. The most common approach to analyzing films is by the shot-by-shot approach (Ciric 129-140). However this method is limited to analysis of small clips and scenes. For a detailed film analysis one should use the film theory. The film theory also referred to as cinema studies is a study that intends to explain the essence of movies and provide theoretical bodywork for awareness film’s relationship to real life other art viewers and the community. Section A Cultural Perspectives in American Beauty Research done over a period has highlighted how film and cultural values are attached. It is crucial to consider how these writings clarify the power and influence of rhetoric and film through linkage meanings and ethics. Daisy. Throughout the film Tom is subtly characterized as an ignorant man. He had no sympathy for the lower class. His conceded personality does not allow him to do that. Tom does not get corrupted in the film; rather Tom has been corrupt since he was born. Works Cited Bateman John A and Karl-Heinrich Schmidt. Multimodal Film Analysis. New York: Routledge 2012. Print. Ciric Marija. "Narration And Film Music Diegetic And Non-Diegetic Music In Film." Kultura 134 (2012): 129-140. Web.Fitzgerald F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: HarperCollins 2014. Print. Koch Anett. Visuality And Identity In Christopher Nolan's "Memento". Munich: GRIN Verlag GmbH 2014. Print. Lauer A. Robert. "The Fictional Arts: An Inter-Art Journey From Theatre Theory To The Arts." The European Legacy 20.7 (2015): 790-791. Web.Smith David L. """Beautiful Necessities"" By David L. Smith." N.p. 2016. Web. 6 Aug. 2017. Stephens Duncan Rebecca. "Reading Slumdog Millionaire Across Cultures." The Journal of Commonwealth Literature 46.2 (2011): 311-326. Web. [...]

Order Description:

A total of 3 essays with a minimum of 500 words each for each of the following sections. A, B, and C). Section A. 1. Choose one genre of cinema ( Classical, Modern, or Postmodern. In your essay, show how one or more films characterize this genre. Be sure to define and discuss the fundamental elements of this genre as suggested in the course lectures. 2. Compare and contrast two genres of cinema (Classical, Modern, or Postmodern), illustrating your answer by discussing one or more films. Be sure to define and discuss the fundamental elements of these genres as suggested in the course lectures. 3. Choose at least one important element in film interpretation (issues that might be examined include: cultural perspectives, cinematic, time, narrative trajectory, and forestructure) and illustrate your answer by illustrating it in one or more films. Section B choose one or more of terms/concepts and apply them to one of the films Diegetic sound / non-diegetic sound / ambient sound / crane shot / Steadicam / framing or reframing / establishing shot/master shot / extreme long shot / extreme close-up / close-up / medium shot / deep-focus cinematography / slow motion or fast motion / chiaroscuro / high-key lighting / low-key lighting / continuity editing or cutting on action / shot/reverse shot / freeze-frame / fade-in or fade-out / wipe / dissolve / montage / long take / voice-over / realism / antirealism / verisimilitude / climax / characterization / flat character / round character / cinematic time Section C Selection two issues from the list below and apply them to one or more of the listed films 1. Cultural assumptions of society and audiences 2. Character Stereotyping 3. Relationships, including love 4. Issues of identity 5. Images of women 6. Journey motif(s) 7. Themes of nostalgia and loss 8. Comic irony/satire/parody 9. Racial and ethnic portraits 10. American myth 11. Degradation/corruption 13. Portraits of Romance 14. Strategic or critical moment in a film 15. Ethical issues 16. Terror, horror, fear 17. International conflict 18. Uses of violence 19. Issues of obsession 20 Coming of age narrative Eligible films ( May only choose from one of the following films) Casablanca, Double Indemnity, The Graduate, The Silence of the Lambs, LA Confidential, American Beauty, Memento, Match Point, Slumdog Millionaire, Invictus, The Great Gatsby.

Subject Area: Film

Document Type: Personal Statement

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