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Public Health:public,private and volunatery entities

Discuss the public, private, and voluntary entities that are included within the Public Health System.  What role can you take as a public health professional to contribute to the Public Health System?  Give an example of a public health priority area or initiative and discuss how the public health enterprise worked to identify challenges, consider possible solutions, and improve the public health status of the affected population.  How does the way the public health system is organized affect population health outcomes? Below I have attached a website that should be used to along with other sources to write this paper
Discuss the public, private, and voluntary entities that are included within the Public Health System.  What role can you take as a public health professional to contribute to the Public Health System?  Give an example of a public health priority area or initiative and discuss how the public health enterprise worked to identify challenges, consider possible solutions, and improve the public health status of the affected population.  How does the way the public health system is organized affect population health outcomes?
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