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Individual Reflective Essay (Example)

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Name Institution Tutor Date Individual reflective assignment The notion of multiple intelligences which was first introduced by Howard Gardner( 1983) a book which has obtained a lot of fame; Frame of Mind; has been a crucial the method of assessing capabilities in different aspects (Aberson 2016 pg. 38). From his writing human beings differ greatly in representing meaning since there is intelligence differs greatly. According to him there are seven identifiable bits of intelligence including linguistic musical body-kinesthetic interpersonal logical-mathematical spatial and intrapersonal. Much of this theoretical perspective of human intelligence has been greatly used in education. Other researchers such as Daniel Goleman’s have also made their research on EQ instruments which has become equally important in the assessment of human intelligence. In this report I have employed these theories in my self-assessment. Goleman identified four major domains of EQ as a method of realizing our emotions motivating understanding in diversifying my career goals and supporting diverse cultures globally. References Aberson Willem. The Influence of Individual Competencies and Organisational Adaptability on the Dynamic Capabality for Stakeholder Orientation in a Csr Context. 2016. Internet resource. West Richard L and Lynn H. Turner. Understanding Interpersonal Communication: Making Choices in Changing Times. Boston: Thomson/Wadsworth 2009. Print. Normore Anthony H Larry W. Long and Mitch Javidi. Handbook of Research on Effective Communication Leadership and Conflict Resolution. 2016. Internet resource Appendix Type of EQ Me (% score) Colleague (Frank) (% score) Family member (Jane) (% score) Self-awareness 75 73 78 Self-management 54 60 48 Social- awareness 64 60 74 Relationship-management 50 54 56 Type of intelligence Me (% score) Colleague (Frank) (% score) Family member (Jane) (% score) Linguistic 75 54 50 Logical-mathematical 60 46 42 Visual-spatial 54 60 69 Interpersonal 73 65 56 Intrapersonal 54 60 63 Musical 48 53 67 Bodily-Kinesthetic 56 68 58 [...]

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Assessment Description . This individual reflective assignment requires you to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Learning Outcomes 1 and 2, covering topics between Weeks 1 and 4. .Follow the instructions below: 1. Complete a self-assessment on Howard Gardner’s Basic Multiple Intelligences Test and Daniel Goleman’s EQ Instrument (these will be posted or linked on MyKBS). Your responses should be completely your own. 2. Contact two people who know you reasonably well (e.g. work colleagues, close friends, family members). Provide them with the link or hard-copy version of the same two survey instruments and request that they complete the survey as an assessment of you and mail their survey results to you once completed. 3. Using the Johari Window model for self-awareness, critically analyse your own findings and those of your associates to reflect on what you have learned about yourself. Write a 1200-word reflective essay (+/- 10% word count) based on the assessment results you have gathered. Discuss key areas of strengths and areas for improvement. In particular, review major differences between your self-assessment and those that you received from your chosen two associates. 4. In addition to an introduction and conclusion, the reflective essay should comprise three main sections: In Part 1, critically compare your results with those of the two people who evaluated you. In your analysis, use the 4 quadrants of the Johari Window i.e. Open, Blind, Hidden, Unknown (approx. 400 words). In Part 2, analyse your strengths and weaknesses based on your own survey results and discuss possible improvements (approx. 300 words). In Part 3, reflect on what competencies you would like to develop in order to function well as a global citizen. Provide practical examples with the assumption you work in a culturally diverse global organisation (approx. 400 words). Your reflective essay should include:  An academic analysis of your own experience. This should include a critical reflection on your thoughts, feelings and actions. Ensure to integrate these reflections with theoretical concepts. Reflective essay can be entirely written in the first person.  A brief discussion of identified strengths and areas for development presenting your own results, your associates’ results, and a discussion of the patterns, similarities/differences, and trends you discover. Also, please ensure you link your discussions to appropriate theoretical concepts.  Evidence of integration of feedback received from your associates, as well as consideration of your own past experiences and feedback from other sources you’ve received in years gone by.  A clear conclusion reflecting how your new insights may assist you with a potential career in a culturally diverse organisation.  A reference list.  Appendices (attach proof of completed surveys, yours and your associates). Further guidance:  This paper requires a significant amount of analysis and personal reflection. This means that you should consider the Johari Window model by breaking down its four parts and reflecting on how the various quadrants provide a deeper understanding of yourself.  The attached marking rubrics guide the marker when awarding marks for your reflective essay. You should review your paper in line with this to ensure there is nothing you have missed.  It is important to check your similarity in Turnitin. All sentences highlighted must be either paraphrased in your own words or put in quotes and referenced accordingly. You should be aiming for as low a similarity score as you can. Similarity highlighted in a contents page, reference list or appendices is nothing to be concerned about.

Subject Area: Project Management

Document Type: Reports

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