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how serial killer stories change us after reading them? Are we really better for having read/seen them?

Mary Shelley uses a reference text in another work, Paradise Lost, quite often in the novel. The epic poem tells the tale of Satan’s fall from heaven, and the forthcoming rise of Adam and Christ as heroes. Initially, though, the poem asks us to identify with Satan—a fallen and imperfect creature. Does Frankenstein ask us to side with the monster or with society in general? How does this moral question about where our sympathies lie, construct a “real world” answer about how serial killer stories change us after reading them? Are we really better for having read/seen them?
Mary Shelley uses a reference text in another work, Paradise Lost, quite often in the novel. The epic poem tells the tale of Satan’s fall from heaven, and the forthcoming rise of Adam and Christ as heroes. Initially, though, the poem asks us to identify with Satan—a fallen and imperfect creature. Does Frankenstein ask us to side with the monster or with society in general?
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