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Discussion Essay: Your Genes, Your Health (Example)

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Causes of sickle cell disease and how its symptoms relate to cellular changes Student’s name Degree Email address University name 802 words Sickle cell disease consists of a group of disorders namely sickle cell anemia SC disease and S Beta diseases. The disease is one of the most common genetic disorders in America affecting approximately one out of every 375 African American children. The disease causes painful crises organ damage as well as anemia. These symptoms are as a result of structural alterations of beta globin an important blood protein in the body. Beta globin is a protein found in the red blood cells whose primary function is to transport heme. Beta globin combines supply in the lungs leads to shortness of breath and lung failure. Subsequent blockage of blood vessels in the brain leads to a stroke which causes impairment of some features like hearing and sight. Blockage of blood vessels after they adapt to the new sickle shape obstructs other cells including healthy cells from passing through tissues which lead to oxygen shortages in the respective tissues. Eventually cells in the tissues begin to die therefore causing pain. References: Sickle Cell Anemia: What causes it? Sickle Cell Anemia: What causes it? Accessed July 29 2017. Sickle cell disease - Genetics Home Reference. U.S. National Library of Medicine. Published July 25 2017. Accessed July 29 2017. [...]

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Objectives: Use internet animations to learn more about a specific disease. Be able to summarize how cellular level changes (changes affecting a specific protein or shape of the cell) can lead to the symptoms of a specific disease. Alignment: This discussion board is designed to accompany the materials in Chapters 4, 5, and 6 which discuss cells, organelles, the movement of materials in and other of cells, and the role of enzymes in metabolism. You will be using a website (see below) to study a disease that has its roots in a change at the cellular level that interferes with the shape of the cell, membrane transport, or activity of the cell. Background: We’ve learned a lot about how cells work by studying the diseases that occur when some cellular function breaks down. In this activity, I’m going to introduce you to one of my favorite internet resources and the concept of using animations to learn complex processes. The website you will be using is called Your Genes, Your Health. ( This website has animated descriptions of fifteen different diseases including Sickle Cell Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, PKU, and Hemophilia. You will be choosing one of these diseases to explore in more detail. Using the Your Genes, Your Health website: Click on one of the diseases in the list to the left. To get to the animation, when you are on the disease website, look for the box that says “What causes it?” on the list to the left. Click on that and work through the animation. Procedure: Choose a disease on the Your Genes, Your Health website. ( There are fifteen diseases featured and so I’m hoping that we will develop a great discussion over time on all of these diseases. Follow the instructions above to get to the animation of the disease. In your posting, use what you have learned to explain the etiology (cause) of the disease. For instance, is it caused by a genetic defect? A virus? A toxin? Explain how that cause (ie. Genetic defect) causes changes to the cell. For instance, does the genetic defect change a critical protein or remove a critical protein? Does it change the way the cell works or is shaped? Connect the changes at the cellular level with the symptoms we observe in the body. For instance, I know that cystic fibrosis is caused by a defect in an ion transport protein in the membrane, but how does that cause the salty skin and digestive problems that are associated with cystic fibrosis?

Subject Area: Biology

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