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Essay about 1 topic from 12 (Must use 3 sources no need to be scholarly)

Using at least three external sources, explore the science and impact of one chemical concept that will remain uncovered within this course. You should focus on writing a well-crafted and logically-organized essay, rather than simply a list of disconnected paragraphs. But your essay should include the following parts: 1. A description of the concept. Your goal here is to write a section, perhaps a couple of paragraphs, that concisely but completely describes the concept on a level that could be understood by your peers in this class (all very intelligent, mostly non-science majors). Teach this concept, in other words. 2. A description of the development of the concept. My thought, here, is that I want you to understand that chemistry is a constructed discipline. Chemistry is not simply a list of facts or even a list of concepts. Instead, chemistry is a growing field in which scientists have made and continue to make discoveries that change humans' understanding of the nature of matter. So how did your concept come to light? Who was the major discoverer? Were there a series of discoveries that presaged the discovery of your concept? Was there a particular problem that science or technology was facing that prompted the research that led to your discovery? 3. An explanation of the significance of your concept. Why does it matter that we now know what we know? This significance might be something "applied"; for example, it might pertain to human health, or the environment, or to getting us into outer space. Or it might not. It might simply satisfy human curiosity about how stuff works, or it might have the promise of one day being something applied. I expect that this paper will, again, take you four or so pages to fully flesh out. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please choose a topic from the list below. Artificial sweeteners Explosives (you might choose a particular explosive) The ozone layer The Haber Process (synthesis of ammonia for fertilizer and other uses) Fullerenes Chemical warfare (you might choose a particular chemical, such as mustard gas or Zyklon B) Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) Penicillin Synthetic rubber Quasicrystals The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Chlorophyll
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