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Literature review essay (Example)

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Institution Instructor Course Date Education and Empowerment Education and empowerment are two complimentary terms in that well-educated citizens will be well empowered both socially academically politically and economically. Ideally education is the process for empowerment. At the same time the classroom academics are not necessarily the only means to education. Being learned for instances means the ability to stand economic tests social challenges and leadership quests. This literature review will help to study the current literature on economic and empowerment and to inform the scientific study on the topic. At the end the study will inform decisions in making the quest for empowerment a success in the American context. Literature Review The academic empowerment sought for children and ultimately for graduates focus on being educated. As per Denning a contributing author to Forbes being educated means more than the ability to read write and understand concepts. It focuses on the participants. His own experience is convincing enough for the researcher in presenting the facts about the segregationist vocational program. Taylor Gatto John. "Against School By John Taylor Gatto." N.p. 2017. Web. 26 July 2017. The article by Taylor takes a more negative approach painting the education system as one suppressing the abilities of the little angels. He quotes that the system is designed to suppress the geniuses among the children because the world if self-regulated would not handle an influx of genius people. This article will be used to highlight how the academic system as it is is more of an experimentation using the young people's minds in a repetitive and boring environment. It will also be used to highlight the servanthood effect of the current education system. Taylor shows that this system though making kids out of scholars can be revolutionized for a better and empowered society. [...]

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Directions for the Literature Review: This week you and your reading and research groups will explore research on the topic of “Education and Empowerment.” This theme has been selected to prepare you for your Research Paper. You will engage with several texts from our Rereading America text book this week, and then you will compose a “Literature Review” due in Week 5 that summarizes and analyzes several articles and essays you may be using for your research paper. For this assignment, you will explore the following question as you synthesize your research and react to the assertions of the researchers and writers you’ve explored. What is a Literature Review? A literature review is a writing assignment that allows students to explore the ideas they’ve been researching prior to including these ideas in a formal research paper. The purpose of the literature review is to assess the field of research in an area that you’re exploring, and to share your reflections, thoughts, and analysis about the research. HOW TO STRUCTURE YOUR LITERATURE REVIEW Begin with an introduction that highlights the common themes and ideas in the research sources you’ve encountered. The body of your literature review should summarize the individual sources you’ll be referencing, pulling interesting quotes and responding to ideas and assertions from each of the sources. You should not have “subheadings” but this should be a cohesive paper that examines, analyzes, summarizes, and compares and contrasts the different sources that you find and read. Your conclusion to the literature review should discuss how these sources will help you answer the Research Prompt I’ve stated above. 4. Your literature review should be accompanied by an Annotated Bibliography – a “works cited” page in alphabetical order that also includes a 100 words or so “summary analysis” of the basics of the source. You CAN use the Annotated Bibliography that you and your peer group developed together, and simply add your additional 5 sources. You can disagree or agree with your sources! Consider this a "discussion essay" in which you are having a cup of coffee and some good conversation with the writers and researchers of the articles/sources you've found! Be sure to include the following information for each article in the Literature Review: A brief summary of the main points (1-3 sentences is plenty) The article’s answer to your research prompt, or the answer it suggests or contributes to. A brief critique (about 1-3 sentences) describing how persuasive the article is. POINTS TO NOTE: Thesis and summaries should be in your own words. Do not copy and paste. Some articles will not directly answer the research prompt, but will provide part of the answer, or background information for the answer, or in some other way will help you to develop your own answer. Your writing and commentary should indicate how sufficiently the sources do this. You should have articles that provide different answers to your research prompt. In other words, there should be evidence of DEBATE among your sources. After writing a draft, you will probably have an idea of what you think the correct answer is for the research prompt. Therefore, you will be agreeing with some of your sources, and disagreeing with other sources. Your CRITIQUE of the sources should give an indication of why you consider some sources more persuasive than others. If , in this critique of your sources, you find that the ones you agree with have worse evidence and/or worse reasoning than those you disagree with, be prepared to change your answer to the research prompt. The research should inform your own answer. Don’t critique purely factual sources (like data sources, etc.) but note how these sources support your argument. Don’t critique sources that are not relevant to your research question. GRADING: This paper will be graded according to the following parameters: Sources are adequate and appropriate to the topic Complete publication data is provided in MLA format Sources’ theses correctly identified in your own words. Summaries of all 10 sources point to the main points and ideas in a logical and clear manner. Critiques of the sources use key terms to evaluate their evidence and reasoning. There is evidence of debate and difference of opinion among the sources. Language usage, grammar usage, paragraph organization. SOURCES FROM OUR TEXTS THAT YOU SHOULD INCLUDE, IN ADDITION TO SOURCES FOUND BY YOU AND YOUR PEERS IN COLLABORATION: Choose 10 sources in combination from below and those you’ve found in collaboration (at least 4 should come from our reader, Rereading America). *IF you include a NEW source that you found on your own, without the help of your group, please make note of this and provide full source info so that Prof. Ogden can go find and read the source. Use no more than 2 sources you found completely on your own without your group (although this is not necessary) and the rest of your sources should be from your group research collaboration and 4-5 from our text list, below. REMEMBER: Peer Groups are using the library databases together to find 5 sources and create an Annotated Bibliography together. Please be sure to choose at least 4 of the essays below to include in your Literature Review Essay: “The Essentials of a Good Education” by Diane Ravitch “Against School” by John Taylor Gatto “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose (Sample Literacy Narrative) from “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” by Jean Anyon from “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X from “Still Separate, Still Unequal” by Jonathan Kozol “A Prostitute, a Servant, and a Customer-Service Representatative: A Latina in Academia” by Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo “Don’t Send Your Kids to the Ivy League” by William Deresiewicz

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