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Current issue related to the core product of sport

The purpose of the assignment is for you track a current trend/issue and see how and why it has evolved over the last decade. Please full this paper with as much detail as possible it is very important to stick to the topic and to be very clear. Keep in mind that change does not occur without people knowing the need for change. Thus, tracking the trend allows you to search for patterns (for example, does the topic consistently appear in more articles before the Final Four) and to contrast and compare it to what is occurring in society at that particular time (for example, between 1984 and 1987 Title IX had few, if any articles written about it; why? glad you asked, check out the legal case Grove City College v Bell and then check out the Restoration Act of 1987).
The purpose of the assignment is for you track a current trend/issue and see how and why it has evolved over the last decade. Please full this paper with as much detail as possible it is very important to stick to the topic and to be very clear. Keep in mind that change does not occur without people knowing the need for change. Thus, tracking the trend allows you to search for patterns (for example, does the topic consistently appear in more articles before the Final Four) and to contrast and compare it to what is occurring in society at that particular time (for example, between 1984 and 1987 Title IX had few, if any articles written about it; why?
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