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"Lycidas" and "When I Consider How my Light Is Spent"

Task 1: Explain how both "Lycidas" and "When I Consider How my Light Is Spent" address the idea of loss. What does Milton suggest about human loss and how we should respond? Observe our Wednesday/Sunday discussion pattern. Task 2: In a second post, write an original poem about someone or something that you have lost. Explain how your poem is similar to Milton's "Lycidas" or "When I Consider How My Light Is Spent" (see overview). Don't forget to respond to your classmates' poems.
Task 1: Explain how both "Lycidas" and "When I Consider How my Light Is Spent" address the idea of loss. What does Milton suggest about human loss and how we should respond? Observe our Wednesday/Sunday discussion pattern. Task 2: In a second post, write an original poem about someone or something that you have lost.
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