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Fashion Marketing and Retailing in the Luxury Sector: Store Location and VM

INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED. PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!! Within the section of Visual Merchandising and Retail you should analyze and look for links across methods used by the company/brand to market themselves across a variety of channels, which link into the physical store experience. To do this, visit a store as a source of primary research, photograph outside and in (asking permission where appropriate) and evaluate the content of these images against their other channels. Examine the store and its windows/exterior details when you are there; try not to rely solely on photographs as details may not be apparent using this method alone. Questions to consider are: What is your first impression as a customer? How is merchandise presented? Is there promotional or launch activity? What kinds of display and fixturing are used? Are other channels referenced within the window or store? Evaluate the purpose of store location: 3 Is the store you visited in a mall, the flagship, a pop up, a new building or in a historic building and/or historic part of a city? Why do you think the brand has chosen to locate here? What are the advantages and (possible) disadvantages of its location? Who are its ‘neighbors’? What types of stores surround it? Evaluate the brand’s online experience (website, apps, social media) and discuss if you feel this links to the store design, merchandise presentation and windows. Does it link and if so is it seamless/successful? Can this be improved – if so how and why would it need this? Include your images (Harvard referenced) and any that you feel may support this analysis (eg competitors). Make reference to academic texts (papers on the subject will be useful at this stage – try the Emerald database) to support your findings. Candidates should prepare a report that discusses this evaluation and may include appendices if necessary, which will be outside of the word count. It is estimated that candidates will make reference to at least ten sources of literature to demonstrate the breadth of their research. Candidates should ensure, through discussions with their tutors, that their selected projects are manageable and appropriate for the time period and purpose of this task, In completion of this module candidates are required to:  Carry out research to justify and define their projects.  Consider the possible approaches to the project and justify the selected approach.  Define the developmental project aims and quantifiable project objectives, with justification.  Identify the resource and organizational issues associated with the projects. All research should be appended to this assessment. All theories, concepts, models and industry examples must be appropriately referenced using the Harvard System.
INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED. PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!! Within the section of Visual Merchandising and Retail you should analyze and look for links across methods used by the company/brand to market themselves across a variety of channels, which link into the physical store experience. To do this, visit a store as a source of primary research, photograph outside and in (asking permission where appropriate) and evaluate the content of these images against their other channels.
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