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Essay about a chemist (1 from a list of 10), use at least three sources.

Using at least three external sources, noting the requirements above, explore the biography and scientific contributions of one notable chemist from history or present day. You should focus on writing a well-crafted and logically-organized essay, rather than simply a list of disconnected paragraphs. But your essay should include the following parts: 1- A concise overview of some basic biographical “facts.” These might include the person’s date and/or location of birth, notable friends or family members, ethnicity, details of schooling, or other pertinent facts. The best essays will discuss, briefly, the significance of any noted facts to the person’s scientific contributions. This section might be approximately a page or page and a half. 2- A description of a particular advance (or series of advances) in chemistry accomplished by the subject. This description should include the circumstances that led to the advance – for example, you might include a particular problem that the scientist was attempting to solve when he or she developed the advance, or you might explain, briefly, the inspiration for the scientist’s insight(s). You should certainly explain, on a level appropriate to an audience of intelligent non-scientists, what the scientific advance actually was. This will likely be the longest part of the paper, approximately two pages. 3- An explanation of how this advance in chemistry had an impact on society. Depending on your subject, the advance might be something that is currently in use, or it might have been the inspiration for other scientists. Please choose a subject from the list below. If you decide to choose your own chemist. Michael Faraday Svante Arrhenius Alfred Nobel (focus on his own contributions as opposed to “the Nobel Prize”) Ahmed Zewail Dorothy Hodgkin Fritz Haber Mario Molina Irène Joliot-Curie Dan Shechtman Geraldine Richmond Harold Urey
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