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Maximizing Efficiency (Example)

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Maximizing Efficiency Name Institution Maximizing Efficiency Efficient and high-quality services are vital for the American Healthcare Industry. However some wastes are recognized in most Healthcare facilities that lead to the loss of money resources time among others. One of the most common wastes in the medical facility that am familiar with is inventory wastes. Excess inventory leads to high operational costs and at times make the hospital to lack essential suppliers. Any inventory within a healthcare facility has got its related handling costs. The processing costs can be in terms of storage transportation and during the processes. The wastes result from stocks spoilage and there are high chances of staff losing the products once they are in abundance. A typical case in the hospital is a significant number of medical suppliers that have to be disposed of when JIT the management has to avoid situations where health facilities may lack emergency supplies (Buggy & Nelson 2015). There are items that a hospital must have and management ought to know the logistics of getting them so that a decision can be made of the extras that need to be stored. In summary US health care facilities ought to look for ways of maximizing efficiencies and lean production offers the best alternatives for maximum benefits. References Lean Thinking and Methods - Cellular Manufacturing | US EPA. (2017). US EPA. Retrieved 15 July 2017 from Buggy J. & Nelson J. (2015). Applying Lean Production in Healthcare Facilities. Informedesign. (05). Congdon K. (2017). Health IT Outcomes. Kaizen: The Key To Lean Healthcare? (05). Javadian Kootanaee A. Babu K. N. & Talari H. F. (2013). Just-in-time manufacturing system: from the introduction to implementation. [...]

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Overview Efficient, high-quality service is essential to the success of American healthcare institutions. The concept of lean production can play a key role in improving services provided to patients. Though the word “lean” is a synonym for “slender,” it also refers to an approach for increasing productivity and efficiency in workplace settings. For this Project, you will apply the concepts of lean production to a wasteful or inefficient situation in your own workplace and write a case study that analyzes strategies for addressing the current situation. Directions To prepare to write your own case study: Read the healthcare facility case study. Make sure you understand the concept of lean production and the following approaches to lean production: Cellular manufacturing Just in time Kaizen (continuous improvement) and Total Quality Management (TQM) Brainstorm and take notes on the following questions: Choose a workplace situation or structure that wastes time, money or other resources. Provide a brief background on it. Analyze the situation. How is it wasteful? What is causing the waste to occur? Reflect on the healthcare facility case study. What wasteful or inefficient systems did the Park Nicolett Health Services team try to improve? What lean strategies did they use to inform the design of their Heart and Vascular Center? Consider the approaches to lean production and identify which one of the three approaches is most applicable to the wasteful workplace situation you chose. Once you have completed the brainstorming, write your own case study, referring back to your notes as necessary. Make sure the case study explains each of the following: The wasteful situation you have chosen, how it is wasteful, and what causes it to be wasteful. The three different approaches to lean production. Explain them in your own words and use simple language (no jargon). The lean production approach that is most applicable to your situation and why. How you would apply the basic principles of this approach to your situation and how you think it would address the waste problem. Sources:

Subject Area: Public Relations

Document Type: Dissertation

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