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GDP and Inflation in China in during the last 5 years

It should be the comparison of the level and/or the development of indicators in China during the period of about 5 years. Double-spaced on 4 pages (600-800 words of text plus two pages of tables or/and graphs. Overall 4(2 of explanation of comparison, two of graphs)) using 12 point type. The relevant conclusions of analyzed topic is expected. A list of references should be attached, so later I can print them, they should be from public sites, so I can access to them. The demonstration of understanding the relevant terms (e.g. value added, deflation or inflation, expansion or recession, natural rate of unemployment, Okun’s law, budget debt and deficit, etc.) will be appreciated. Do not to write definitions of indicators but should be explanation of their application. Everything should be easily written, no complicated terminology
It should be the comparison of the level and/or the development of indicators in China during the period of about 5 years. Double-spaced on 4 pages (600-800 words of text plus two pages of tables or/and graphs. Overall 4(2 of explanation of comparison, two of graphs)) using 12 point type. The relevant conclusions of analyzed topic is expected.
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