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1 Reading/Movie Essay, 2 Research Essays, & 4 HW (1 READING/MOVIE ESSAY AND 2 HW IS DUE WITHIN 48 HOURS!!)

Read the Syllabus for more information/instruction Reading/Movie Essay on District 9: English 1C—Mr. Jones For a sample paper, see Essay 3 (49-55) Paper #1—The Messages of District 9 (100 points) Assignment Write a nicely unified argument essay of at least 1000 words and at least three full pages of text (not counting the works cited), in which you analyze and interpret the ultimate racial message(s) in District 9. In other words, take a stand and craft a unique thesis on what the film is saying about race or ethnicity and whether the film is ultimately more racist than not, more racially sensitive than not, or totally ambivalent. The body of the paper needs to sustain the thesis and consistently argue it, with support from authorities (readings) and textual evidence (the film). If you argue multiple separate points, place a topic sentence at or near the start of each paragraph. However, avoid the “bullet point” essay that makes three separate points; try to argue one point deeply—but be sure to cue your readers carefully so they stay on track. For basic movie information, use my HW #1 cheat sheet and/or the film’s page at Layout, Structure, and Sources For information about MLA-style page layout, consult my Essay Format file on Blackboard. Passing papers will include three or more affirmative or mostly affirmative argument paragraphs and a substantial counterargument paragraph (I favor a “Big Mac” counterargument; see my Essay Basics handout and the Big Mac template on Blackboard). Passing papers will make good use of Michael Omi’s essay “In Living Color” and will quote him at least once in correct MLA style. Omi’s essay can appear in either an affirmative or counterargument paragraph. Strong papers should rely on at least one other assigned essay (or Newitz, which was optional): • Nell Minow’s “District 9—About Racism or Racist?” • Linda Seger’s “Creating the Myth,” since the classic hero myth tends to have a (likeable) white male protagonist. Cite page numbers from the textbook’s 8th edition; your page numbers must match mine. • Annalee Newitz’s “When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like Avatar?” (see BB) All papers must include a list of works cited. On Blackboard, I will supply entries for Omi, Seger, Minow, Newitz, and my own District 9 DVD. If you use other sources, please supply works-cited entries yourself. But remember that Paper #1 is not a research paper; it’s a basic paper built to use the readings provided. Works-Cited Entries for Paper #1 From Word, I am pasting in entries for five works; please note that you will need to reformat any entries you use, as well as enter your own access dates for online sources. Here is the entry for my own DVD of the film (I will let you use it even if you watched the movie online): District 9. Directed by Neill Blomkamp, performances by Sharlto Copley, David James, and Jason Cope, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2009. Here are entries for two Signs of Life articles: Seger, Linda. “Creating the Myth.” Signs of Life in the U.S.A.: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers, edited by Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon, 8th ed., Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2015, pp. 334-42. Omi, Michael. “In Living Color.” Signs of Life in the U.S.A.: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers, edited by Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon, 8th ed., Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2015, pp. 538-49. Here are entries for two online articles (I include the URL for one because it can be accessed only through the Wayback Machine): Minow, Nell [Movie Mom]. “District 9—About Racism or Racist?” Beliefnet, Newitz, Annalee. “When Will White People Stop Making Movies like Avatar?”, Gizmodo, 18 Dec. 2009. Homework 1 & 2: see the attachment below (HW 3 & 4, I will send instruction later) 2 Research Essays: I will send instructions after. research paper #1 due; 7/17 reserch paper # 2 due: 7/23
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