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Week 6 special needs (Example)

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Promoting Emotional and Social Development Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Promoting Emotional and Social Development Step 1 Observation 1 Date: 0/07/17 Time: 9:30-10:00 am Location: A preschool playground 9:30-9:33 There were twenty-one children both girls and boys whose ages with their ages ranging from 3-5. They were engaged in different activities. They appeared to be oblivious of their genders and played freely. 9:34-9:36 Five kids were running around the play area. The movement was not organized and they enjoyed playing with each other. 9:37-9:39 Another group of two was involved is blowing bubbles and chasing them. As I watched them I realized how deeply engrossed they were in their activity that they seldom noticed my presence. 9:40-9:42 I as amused as I watched this kid who was keenly observing the pair blowing the bubbles and imitating them. He stopped when they stopped and even laughed when they laughed. 9:43-9:45 A with children and enable me to be a better teacher. The knowledge is critical in comprehending why some kids behave in a certain way. Equipped with such know-how I will be capable of helping them overcome the fear and develop optimism. I have also gained new awareness that emotional attachment that develops during infancy determines the child's emotive and social development. Youngsters with secure attachment interact positively with others and are optimistic. Besides they have self-confidence and this is critical in establishing healthy relations with peers. References Fonagy P. (2010). Attachment theory and psychoanalysis. Other Press LLC. Grusec J. E. (2011). Socialization processes in the family: Social and emotional development. Annual review of psychology  62 243-269. Lamb M. E. & Freund A. M. (2010). The Handbook of Life-Span Development Social and Emotional Development. John Wiley & Sons. Newman B. M. & Newman P. R. (2017). Development through life: A psychosocial approach. Cengage Learning. [...]

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Assignment: This week, the topic is Promoting Emotional and Social Development. After completing your weekly text reading, reviewing the additional resources provided, and in doing your own outside research, complete the following case study: Step 1: Select a setting in which you can complete two 30-minute observations of children socially interacting. This can be a preschool, a playground, YMCA, Girl Scout or Boy Scout event, mall play area, etc. Complete two 30-minute observations of infants, a toddlers, or preschoolers. Write detailed notes on exactly what you see (i.e. How many children? What is each child doing? Is there an argument? Is there a child playing alone, and what specifically is he/she doing? How are the children interacting? etc.) Observation 1 Date: Time: Location: Observation 2 Date: Time: Location: Detailed notes as you observe; Include a time log like a journal entry that shows what is happening when, based on 3-min intervals. Step 2. Complete the graphic organizer below using the detailed notes above. Types of Play Developmental Behaviors/Explanation of Each (use your text, the videos from the “Learning Materials”, and outside research to complete this section) Types of Play Observed (you will likely see more than one type of play in one 30 minute observation-select all that apply by placing an X next to the ones you observe (It is not likely that all 11 behaviors will be observed within these 2 observations, but the expectation is to observe a minimum of 5) Observed Behaviors (For each X that you have identified in the ‘Types of Play Observed’ column, provide a specific example of something you observed during one or more of your observations that falls in the respective categories) Unoccupied Play Solitary Play Onlooker Play Parallel Play Associative Play Social Play Physical Play Constructive Play Expressive Play Fantasy Play Cooperative Play Step 3: Compose a 1250-1500 word essay reflecting upon key concepts from this week’s assigned reading and on what you learned about Emotional and Social Development from your observations. Make sure to explain a) what new knowledge did you gain, b) any contradictions that did not match what you thought you knew, c) how did the observation and readings make you a better teacher, and d) what will you do differently now to better develop the emotional and social needs of children with whom you work or could work with in the future. Throughout your essay, pick one or more of the following areas to connect to and support the discussion points in your essay. Emotional Attachment Ericson’s Stages of Psychosocial Behavior Facilitating Social Behavior Clearly label each section of your essay so that your instructor knows which section you are addressing for the prompts. APA format and a minimum of three (3) professional references are required. Title page and reference page do not count towards minimum word amount.

Subject Area: Childcare

Document Type: Research Paper

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