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SUBJECT AREA Environmental Sciences
CREATED ON 2nd July 2017
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Biosecurity measures associated with sheep breeding farm northern territory australia

Assignment 1 details This assignment is relevant to demonstrate your understanding of important and complex principles of animal biosecurity. You need to analyse and reflect risks and develop management strategies. You can submit this assignment at any time but no later than 10. July 2017. Consider the following scenario: You are planning to start a sheep enterprise in the Northern Territory. You are planning to build new facilities and purchase your livestock from Queensland. • Identify the specific biosecurity risks a) associated with the importation of your chosen animal species, b) associated with housing or pasturing your chosen animal species and c) of distributing your animal products throughout the country. • Describe the general and relevant biosecurity set up of your farm targeting those biosecurity risks. • Word count 1500
Assignment 1 details This assignment is relevant to demonstrate your understanding of important and complex principles of animal biosecurity. You need to analyse and reflect risks and develop management strategies. You can submit this assignment at any time but no later than 10. July 2017.
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