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Discussion Board Forum, Social Structure, and Social Process Theories

Using the Internet or other resources, look for youth organizations in your area. You might be able to find this information on your city (or another city’s) Web site, at a community center, or by contacting the local police department for information. 2. Select two youth organizations: one aligned with social structure theory and one aligned with social process theory. 3. Post summaries of your chosen organizations to the Discussion Board and answer the following:  Which social theory do you believe is most closely aligned with each organization? Explain.  How are the two organizations alike and different?  What specific actions does each organization take to deter delinquency? - I have attach pp and instructions
Using the Internet or other resources, look for youth organizations in your area. You might be able to find this information on your city (or another city’s) Web site, at a community center, or by contacting the local police department for information. 2. Select two youth organizations: one aligned with social structure theory and one aligned with social process theory.
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