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Do you think the European Union should be allowed to continue ban Gmo products? (Example)

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Student's Name Professor's Name Grade Course Date of Submission The European Union (EU) Should Be Allowed To Continue To Ban GMO Products The use of genetically modified products (GMOs) is quite controversial. Modern biotechnology is the result of a colossal surge of information and know-how regarding the functioning and structure of living things that has developed over the past decades. Although it presents unique opportunities to scientists it sometimes poses significant multifaceted sets of challenges to policymakers related to the social economic environmental or health aspects (Laget and Cantley). The EU’s bans are not because Europe is antiscience. However the need to address the challenges raised by science particularly in the area of GMOs makes it necessary to question the safety of biotech products and techniques and therefore impose the necessary bans. Therefore the European Union should continue to allow individual member states to prohibit the use of genetically quite possible but at the end of the day authorities need to choose between the citizens’ welfare and the country’s trade relations. The wiser would choose the former and therefore say no to Genetically modified products. Works Cited Bakshi Anita. "Potential Adverse Health Effects Of Genetically Modified Crops". Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Part B 6.3 (2003): 211-226. Web. Dalton Matthew. "EU Proposes Allowing States To Ban Biotech Crops". WSJ. N.p. 2015. Web. 11 Apr. 2016. European Parliament . "Eight Things You Should Know About Gmos". European Parliament. N.p. 2013. Web. 11 Apr. 2016. Isaac Grant E. and William A. Kerr. "Genetically Modified Organzation At The World Trade Organization: Aharvest Of Trouble". Journa; of World 37.6 (2003): 1083 - 1095. Print. Laget Patrice and Mark Cantley. "European Responses To Biotechnology: Research Regulation And Dialogue | Issues In Science And Technology". N.p. 2016. Web. 11 Apr. 2016. [...]

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GMO Essay Prompt This past Spring, many news agencies reported on the European Union's proposal to allow individual member states to ban genetically modified imports. This created a firestorm of controversy regarding indivdual EU states' rights, trade regulations, science and consumer protection. The story is particularly interesting given the interests of many major US companies that have developed genetically modified agricultural products and would like to expand their markets in Europe. WSJ Article.JPG Read this short article from the WSJ for a bit of background regarding GMOs and the European (Links to an external site.) Union. (Links to an external site.) For those students that cannot access the WSJ article because it has archived to a location that requires payment, you can also read this comparable article that is still freely available via Scientific American: New EU Law Lets Nations Ban Gene-Modified Crops (Links to an external site.) Consider the following prompt: Do you think the European Union should be allowed to continue to ban GMO products? You can consider this prompt from the perspective of an all-out EU ban or individual states. In your essay response, you are welcome to consider the business, social, environmental aspect of GMOs. One of your points must address the human health aspect of GMOs. Remember, read the essay prompt and think think critically about the information learned in the module. Then develop a clear thesis statement that outlines your position related to the prompt and work on creating an essay outline to organize how you will present your argument to the reader. You should have a clear introductory paragraph and at least 3-4 main paragraphs dedicted to supporting your view. To earn full-credit, you should include at least 3 cited sources and present specific, detailed examples in support of your position. Cited examples should contain sufficient detail and have an in-text citation as well as a full citation at the end of the document. Direct quotes will result in a reduction of points. Please be sure all writing is in your own words. Papers that are plagiarized will receive a score of 0. Your essay should also include one paragraph dedicted to the counterpoint to demonstrate to the reader that you have fully considered both sides of the debate and should include a concluding paragraph. The article is in the attached file.

Subject Area: Biology

Document Type: Reports

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