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PLEASE NOTE I NEED TO DO A RE-SUBMISSION OF WORK DONE FOLLOWING BELOW ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES: Choose a patient from your clinical experience. Discuss and justify the approaches taken by the anaesthetic, surgical and post anaesthetic care teams in delivering the care and treatment to your patient, from their admission into the theatre suite until their handover to the ward. To enable you to complete this assignment, you will be required to discuss an actual patient’s journey through the Perioperative phase. This assignment aims to cover learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 & 4 SUMMARY OF AIMS: The aim of this assignment is to introduce the student to the principles of Operating Department Practice in relation to anaesthetics, surgery and post anaesthetic care. ANTICIPATED LEARNING OUTCOMES: On completion of this module the successful student will be able to: 1. Explain different principles and approaches to anaesthetic, surgical and post anaesthetic care. 2. Identify and discuss the fundamental principles of safe and effective perioperative care. 3. Discuss how effective care planning and communication in the perioperative setting enhances safety and patient experience. 4. Demonstrate an evidence based approach to the perioperative patient journey. Assignment requirements: 1. The assignment is to be 3000 words in length (maximum), not including bibliography, acknowledgements, references, annexes and appendices. 2. All work should be word-processed using Arial font size 12 and double spaced. Please leave a 2.5 cm margin on the left and right side of the page. 3. The assignment should be produced in accordance with guidelines found within your student handbooks. 4. The title page should reflect the layout and information provided on the front cover of this guide. 5. Marks will be awarded for the structure and content of your assignment together with relevant resources used, spelling and grammar. 3 Advice for assignment writing To produce the best assignment possible, it is essential to spend some time planning. Read the assignment question through carefully and decide which approach to take. You can write in either the first or third person, both are acceptable. You may find it easier to write in the first person since this assignment asks you to reflect on an actual patient’s journey. A good assignment answers the question posed and deals in detail with the specific issues the topic raises. You should refer to the assignment question at regular intervals to make sure you have not deviated from the intended focus. This particular assignment has several aspects and you must be sure to include them all and your assignment should have a logical order of content. You must also decide how many words you are going to apportion to each topic. Accurate English is expected in coursework; errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation should be avoided. Poor expression may lead to underachievement through failure to communicate meaning. All good assignments comprise of three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Introduction  Word allocation should be approximately 500 words.  State the topic and purpose of your assignment.  Let the reader know clearly what the essay is about.  Provide a map of the discussion that follows.  You may want to include a bold/controversial statement, an amazing statistic or an anecdote which focuses on some key element of your essay and which captures the reader’s attention. Main Body This is where you set out the main part your discussion/evidence. Arrange topics for discussion in a logical order and place in separate paragraphs. Try to link the paragraphs. You could use phrases such as …. From a different prospective…… A similar explanation…….The next stage of care involves…... You can use headings for clarity and structure if you so wish. Once again be certain you are answering the question posed and make sure you are not diversifying too far. 4 Conclusion  You should summarise your discussion here.  Word allocation should be approximately 500 words.  Perhaps you can identify some good practice or plans to improve care should the same situation arise in the future.  Do not introduce new material.  Your conclusion should relate logically to the introduction. Referencing Although some of your work will involve you reflecting on something that has happened in practice, you still need to use references to substantiate your observations or actions and to help you analyse those events. The references used in the text must be annotated using the Harvard system and must comply with BCU referencing guidelines. (Available from the library)  If a patient`s/client`s name or that of a Trust member of staff is included in any part of your work including appendices (if they are not available to the general public), you will fail. The work will be deemed a “technical fail” and will receive a 1% mark. Success in the resubmitted work will be subject to capping, as for any resubmission. See the full policy in your student handbook for further guidance.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment is kept secure and confidentiality is maintained from 3rd parties at all times prior to the submission for marking SUPPORTING NOTES: 1. Explain different principles and approaches to anaesthetic, surgical and post anaesthetic care. Anaesthetic GA, LA, Regional, Anaesthetic equipment, Pharmacology, Monitoring, AAGBI guidelines. Surgery Background to chosen procedure, open/closed, Specialist instrumentation, Swab/needles count, Patient positioning, Normothermia, VTE prophylaxis. PACU Patient monitoring, AVPU, MEWS, PONV, Pain relief, Discharge criteria. 2. Identify and discuss the fundamental principles of safe and effective perioperative care. WHO, Local/National guidelines, AAGBI, NICE, Health & Safety, Manual handling. 3. Discuss how effective care planning and communication in the perioperative setting enhances safety and patient experience. Individualised care, Holistic care, Principles of care, Models of care, Team brief, Handovers, barriers to communication. 4. Demonstrate an evidence based approach to the perioperative patient journey. Best practice, WHO, Local/National guidelines, AAGBI, NICE, Health & Safety, Manual handling.
PLEASE NOTE I NEED TO DO A RE-SUBMISSION OF WORK DONE FOLLOWING BELOW ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES: Choose a patient from your clinical experience. Discuss and justify the approaches taken by the anaesthetic, surgical and post anaesthetic care teams in delivering the care and treatment to your patient, from their admission into the theatre suite until their handover to the ward. To enable you to complete this assignment, you will be required to discuss an actual patient’s journey through the Perioperative phase. This assignment aims to cover learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 & 4 SUMMARY OF AIMS: The aim of this assignment is to introduce the student to the principles of Operating Department Practice in relation to anaesthetics, surgery and post anaesthetic care.
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