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Influences of Biblical Exegesis, Personal Bias, and Theology

1000 word paper I need right now with these guides in place. The Influence of Biblical Exegesis A description of the role of biblical exegesis in the relationship between, orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and doctoral research. Does biblical exegesis function more as mediator or moderator in this relationship? Why? The Influence of Personal Bias A discussion of how researchers can mitigate the influence of their personal assumptions regarding orthodoxy and orthopraxy on the presented results of their doctoral research. The Influence of Theology A discussion of how the presentation of the doctoral research results may differ when the assumptions of the researcher are based in contemporary theology rather than orthodox theology. Conclusion Remember, a conclusion should review the main points of the paper and restate its thesis. Do not include new information in the conclusion. References Five scholarly resources are required for this paper. Please note that this is an increase in resources from the drop box instructions. A scholarly resource must be a journal article that is also cited in the paper’s content. Make sure the resources make significant contributions to your thoughts. ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES Remember to not place the Bible on the reference page in APA format. Always include the version with the first direct quote. The version does not have to be included with additional direct quotes unless the version changes. Remember to use the APA template and style guide attached to this announcement. There is no need to re-create the template! Learn to type over the pre-formatted template with each essay. Remember to write a thesis statement that reflects the core principle of the paper. A thesis statement should NOT say, “This paper will…” It should NOT outline the main points of the paper. The thesis statement in this paper should state the leadership theory most effective for ministry application. Remember, do not use first or second person voice (I. we, us, you, your, etc.). Remember, Introduction is not used as a heading in APA format. Remember to avoid the use of direct quotes. Replace direct quotes with your own words using summary, synthesis, and paraphrase. Be sure to add resources as citations to award credit for ideas. Remember to stay within the word limit of 1250 – 1500 words. Point deductions will be considered for papers under or over the parameters of the word limit. Remember this assignment requires a Turnitin submission (15% is the highest permissible score). Remember this essay is due by Wednesday, June 7th.
1000 word paper I need right now with these guides in place. The Influence of Biblical Exegesis A description of the role of biblical exegesis in the relationship between, orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and doctoral research. Does biblical exegesis function more as mediator or moderator in this relationship? Why?
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