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The influence of biblical exegesis, personal bias, and theology

The Influence of Biblical Exegesis • A description of the role of biblical exegesis in the relationship between, orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and doctoral research. • Does biblical exegesis function more as mediator or moderator in this relationship? Why? The Influence of Personal Bias • A discussion of how researchers can mitigate the influence of their personal assumptions regarding orthodoxy and orthopraxy on the presented results of their doctoral research. The Influence of Theology • A discussion of how the presentation of the doctoral research results may differ when the assumptions of the researcher are based in contemporary theology rather than orthodox theology. Conclusion Remember, a conclusion should review the main points of the paper and restate its thesis. Do not include new information in the conclusion.
The Influence of Biblical Exegesis • A description of the role of biblical exegesis in the relationship between, orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and doctoral research. • Does biblical exegesis function more as mediator or moderator in this relationship? Why? The Influence of Personal Bias • A discussion of how researchers can mitigate the influence of their personal assumptions regarding orthodoxy and orthopraxy on the presented results of their doctoral research.
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